Supporting great causes

Avenue for Good supports small not-for-profit organisations, helping bring their vital missions to a wider audience in the digital space.

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What is this all about?

We are Avenue, a digital design and development studio based in Melbourne. Our 'Avenue for Good' initiative is driven by the idea of donating our time to help others, giving them that extra push needed to promote the amazing work they're already doing.

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Supporting local communities

Whether your initiative is big or small, we want to support organisations that deliver purposeful impact for communities in need.

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Promoting great causes

Our program takes a cause-first approach. If you’re doing something meaningful which could benefit from a stronger digital presence, we’d love to hear from you.

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Sharing enriching experiences

We are true believers in the power of collaboration as a tool to help drive positive change and fulfilling experiences for everyone.

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Who is it for?

Large not-for-profit organisations usually have big budgets and a massive pool of resources at their disposal. We truly believe in 'greatness from small beginnings', so we wanted to support the little guys and help spread the word about the important work they're doing.

Organisations we're proud to have worked with
TLC for Kids logoUniversity of Melbourne logoWorkplace Giving Australia logoOne Million Donors logoBeyond Silence logoVisible logo

How it works

Avenue's team will donate their time and expertise to help bring your organisation's vision to the digital space. If you'd like to participate, you'll have to apply for the grant and tell us a little bit about your mission. We will then work with the selected applicants to develop their new digital solution.

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Questions & answers

How many, and how often, will applications be accepted?
What should I include in my application?
Are there any costs involved?
What am I actually getting if my application is successful.
I do have some budget for my new website. Can I use it for additional features?
I have limited digital knowledge. Should I apply?